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Tina Posey


Tina manages a team of highly experienced executives, each an expert in their chosen field, and leads their efforts to build, maintain and improve relationships and prove it. Her eclectic background in digital marketing, marketing technology, operations and business intelligence serves her well in helping lead Enterprise Spectrum in relentlessly driving client value.

David Selwood

Chief Analytics Officer

David manages the Enterprise Spectrum team, consisting of expert analysts — most holding advanced degrees in their fields — who provide state-of-the-science analytical and econometrics solutions to major corporations. These solutions range from executive decision support systems to enterprise-wide marketing investment analysis. David’s previous experience covers a broad range of business areas, including telecommunications, finance and retail.

Rob Beckley

Co-Managing Director

Rob leads a team of dedicated scientists, analysts, technicians and service managers to provide real-time results and insights on marketing investments, from campaign analysis to enterprise-wide decision support systems.

He calls on 25 years of research, CRM and strategic analysis experience across multiple industries including telecom, automotive, insurance, telematics and B2B.