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Our Unique Three-Step Process


Our Unique Three-Step Process

The process can be implemented quickly, and will begin to show results almost immediately. It is also repeatable. As each process cycle is completed, the returns on your marketing investment simply keep improving.

  • Step 1: Establish a Benchmark

    1. We rank and evaluate your investments

    Using the Comparable Metric, we can begin the Enterprise Spectrum Marketing process by ranking all programs based on their effect on ROI.

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  • Step 2: Remove Inefficiencies

    2. We remove inefficiencies

    Removing non-performing, overlapping and redundant programs can lead to immediate savings since they no longer drag down the bottom line.

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  • Step 3: Increase Effectiveness

    3. We increase effectiveness

    Once the non-performing programs have been removed, resources can be redeployed in programs that have upside potential. We also apply other effectiveness measures, such as sequencing optimization.

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  • We get you Results

    We get you results

    Just one process cycle generates results, but by repeating the process cycle a number of times, the improvement in returns just keeps increasing. For example, for one client, this continuous process led to an average ROI boost of a remarkable 350%.

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