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Enterprise Spectrum Marketing

We provide advanced tools for real-time marketing accountability. These include diverse data measurement, the development and implementation of a comparable metric, applied analytics driving marketing efficiency and effectiveness, marketing spectrum integration and strategic enterprise advisory.

Insights and Innovation

We apply insights from Enterprise Spectrum Marketing to spark innovation and objectively maximize the investment return across the entire spectrum.

Diverse Data Transformation

We make diverse data sources (different format, data, nomenclature, etc.) universal.

Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Services

Our process enables evaluation across programs to remove inefficiencies, overlaps and redundancy; we then shift funding to more effective areas.

Applied Analytics

We not only consult and advise our clients, we help you act on it or execute the application of analytics to improve business performance through modeling, segmentation, tracking and measurement.

Comparable Metric Development & Implementation

We help clients develop and implement a comparable metric in addition to local metrics, which are often discordant. This enables "apples-to-apples" comparison across respective marketing investment categories.

Enterprise Integration Services

We collaborate with clients and their roster agencies to apply insights and improvements identified in the Enterprise Spectrum Marketing process on a frequent, recurring basis to their specific market channel/product/business unit.

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